Can You Take Over a Lease?

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Do you like the idea of leasing a new car but aren’t keen on fully committing to a lease? If so, a lease takeover might be a good option for you. What is a car lease takeover? It’s when you take over another driver’s lease. It can be a good temporary solution if you’re looking for a car to get you around Hudson. Read on to learn more from our finance team about how to complete a car lease takeover and what it entails. 



How Does a Car Lease Takeover Work? 

Lease takeovers work similarly to leasing a new car because you’re not purchasing the car in full — you’re paying to drive the vehicle for a certain amount of time. Car leases usually include mileage restrictions, and monthly payments are typically determined by the depreciation of the car while it’s in your possession. And, just like a typical car lease, you can return the car when the lease term ends. 

Car Lease Takeover Benefits & Drawbacks 

There are benefits and potential drawbacks to taking over a car lease. We’ve outlined the pros and cons of taking over a lease below: 


  • Low to minimal down payment
  • No new-car upfront depreciation and other costs
  • Possible cash incentives from the original lease
  • Likely still under warranty


  • Transfer fees
  • You inherit the monthly payment as is
  • Mileage limitations 
  • Possible wear and tear from the previous owner

If you need a vehicle for your daily commutes around Windham or weekend adventures, a car lease takeover offers plenty of worthwhile benefits. You’ll pay nothing upfront, and the car will likely still be under warranty. The team at Sawyer Chevrolet, Inc. can help you decide on your best course of action. 

Lease a New Car with Sawyer Chevrolet, Inc. 

Sawyer Chevrolet, Inc. can help you lease a new car easily and affordably. Our financiers are here to guide you through the process. Browse Chevrolet lease deals at Sawyer Chevrolet, Inc. to find a model that suits your needs and budget. Contact us online or call us at (518) 303-2798 to schedule a test drive with one of our new models. 


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